The firm over the years has established a reputation for efficient service delivery, business-like orientation to business advisory and consulting services. It has maintained a consistent growth in clientele and had undertaken wide range of Accounting, Auditing & Assurance, Tax practices, Data Privacy/Protection Compliance, Financial and Management Consulting services, Forensic Services, Advisory Services and Secretarial Services.


We deliver a wide range of audit and assurance services and in delivering these Services, we share our clients’ objectives of credibility and transparency in financial reporting as each of our professional staff is committed to delivering reliable audit report. Furthermore, we also provide our clients with Value-adding, innovative and practical solutions to their problems. Our methodology has been designed to meet these above commitments and to facilitate audit quality, which also enhances independence and objectivity in reporting.


All business organization needs to pay corporate tax and their employees have to pay personal income tax. Quite often, there is need to assist companies and individuals in their dealings with tax authorities to minimize their tax liabilities within their tax laws.

The way the tax function operates is fundamentally changing as a result of labor mobility, sustainability initiatives, digitization of tax, and other issues in the global tax system. We thrive on attributes like agility and resilience, which are needed for this.

Being transformational, in our opinion, is a process rather than an endpoint. We provide quick, creative solutions to meet the needs of the moment. In order to help you accomplish more with available resources, we are rethinking operational methods. We are also utilizing cutting-edge technology to automate procedures and boost speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

You should have the assurance that you are in compliance with all of your tax requirements. In a complicated environment, we bring clarity, and we can support you in taking prompt, decisive action to manage risks. Our strategy is centered on developing sincere relationships with both you, our clients, and each other.


Yemi Odebunmi & Co. been one of the Nigeria’s data protection compliance organizations was recorded as a Data Protection Compliance Organization (DPCO) with license ID NDPB/00108 by the Nigeria Data Protection Bureau in year 2022.

The Nigeria Data Protection Regulation is a subject matter expert for Yemi Odebunmi & Co. and its team of knowledgeable industry professionals. With the aid of our cutting-edge technology platform, which facilitates compliance and permits electronic filing of audit reports. 

Our offerings not only comprise but also extend to;

  • Data Protection Foundation And Practitioner Course Training
  • Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing (VAPT)
  • Data Protection Operation (DPO)
  • Data Security And Anti-Breach Planning, Remediation And Support
  • Data Protection Compliance Audit
  • Data Protection Retainership


We offer the full range of consulting services to our clients in the private and public sectors of the economy, our consulting services are described below under the following headings.

  • Management System & Services
  • IFRS/IPSAS Conversion, Training, Implementation Etc.
  • Processing & Obtainance of Pension Commission (PENCOM) Certificate
  • Processing & Obtainance of Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Certificate
  • Processing & Obtainance of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) Certificate
  • Processing & Obtainance of Financial Reporting Council (FRC) Certificate
  • Processing & Obtainance of Bureau for Public Procurement (BPP) Certificate


We offer you a complete and variety of forensic services. Our team are experts in their respective fields, but we address your difficulties holistically, which means we will assemble the experts and services required.

1. Forensic Accounting 


Specialized forensic accountants make up our team at Forensic Accounting. We support the quantification of loss or financial exposure across all market segments and legal frameworks. We assist our clients and their attorneys throughout the entire dispute resolution process.

2. Financial Crime and Fraud Investigations

A variety of investigative, asset-tracing, and asset recovery services are offered by our team specializing in financial crime and fraud investigations. We will work with you to establish responsibility, track down missing property, and lessen the effects of financial and economic crime. We put together multi-disciplinary teams specifically suited to completing your engagement while looking into fraud or suspected wrongdoing, accounting “black holes”, regulatory breaches, employee misconduct, and other financial crime.

Our risk professionals create and implement specialized fraud and corruption prevention methods targeted at safeguarding your companies against the threat of financial crime in order to reduce the likelihood that you will experience a repeat.


We provide effective risk and financial advisory services to enhance the success of your company.
1. Risk Advisory 
We see risk from a long-term perspective, considering it a vehicle for building value over time, assisting organizations in becoming more socially conscious, and benefiting both individuals and society. We can offer insightful advice that keeps your company resilient through crises and difficult times by fusing our risk consultancy with the newest technology and specific tactics in cyber, sustainability, strategy, regulation, compliance, and controls. We’ll collaborate with you to create a strategy that has your back, ensuring that no matter what obstacles you face, you can face them head-on and overcome them with clarity and confidence.
2. Financial Advisory 
We can collaborate with you to create momentum throughout the pivotal, career-defining times for your company. Together, we can change the future of your organization by developing specialized solutions that have an impact from strategy through execution and evaluation. Throughout the entire lifecycle of your business, help can be given by a team of experts who mix cutting-edge innovation and technology with world-class expertise and local understanding.


Company secretarial work refers to the administrative and regulatory duties that must be performed to comply with the laws and regulations governing companies. The company secretary is responsible for ensuring that the company complies with legal requirements and regulations, including maintaining accurate and up-to-date records, filing required documents with the relevant authorities, and managing communication with shareholders and other stakeholders.

Some of the key responsibilities of a company secretary include:

    • Pre and Post Companies incorporation activities
    • Maintaining company records
    • Filing statutory returns
    • Advising on compliance
    • Managing board meetings
    • Communicating with shareholders
    • Managing company policies


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